Natali Zecharia has been a fast growing success in the art and science of Interior Design & Home Staging.  Her work ranges from Bathroom and Kitchen Design, all the way down to the smallest details, such as Art Selection and Window Treatments. She is at the top of her game as an Interior Designer who is well seasoned in conceptual development, research, space planning, communication, management and execution of your dream design.  When receiving your FREE design consultation, many things are to be taken into accounting. What style best fits the personality of your space? Contemporary Design, Modern Design and Rustic Design, just to name a few. Natali will guide you towards your perfect look using Mood and Design Boards. What about if you want to do a full renovation project? We know it can seem intimidating, but with Natali’s experience and knowledge of software, she can create a 3D floor plan that will keep your dream clear!

Moving to a new home or just need to spruce up your existing living space?
We are offering HUGE FURNITURE DISCOUNTS and competitive pricing 20% – 30% less than retail prices.
If you are ready for a new top modern design, call us today for a FREE design consultation. 818-297-9700.
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